Search Engine Optimization is a research-driven process which edits and analyzes your web site so that the rankings of your site are increased. By targeting key strategic phrases that may be appealing to the target audience, it allows your business to be found by individuals who seek whatever product or service you offer.

It is a marketing strategy that has been around for quite some time. Most businesses whether large or small have taken to it as a marketing strategy. The benefits of finding a search engine optimization expert are too numerous to mention! The fact that the internet has become one of the major mediums people shop through has led to most businesses embarking on ways to benefit their businesses through SEO.

There are a number of benefits that are related to SEO and some of them include;

Increased visibility

When you use SEO, the chances of your business being seen and recognized become higher. People who search the web looking for products or services are able to see what you offer. When you are more visible to people, this increases traffic in your page. When a lot of people are visiting your page, chances of getting new clients to purchase your goods or services increase.

Higher brand credibility.

Most people trust Google. If your page appears on the top in a particular search, your website goes on to becoming the brand name. You will be the business to beat or the top competitor in your area of specialization. This will definitely lead to an increase in business and an increase in the number of clients.

search engine optimization

Cost effectiveness

This strategy is cost effective. When your business is listed at the top, you do not pay for advertising or per click. When you pay for SEO costs, you only need to sit back and watch as your website’s traffic increases. The increase in traffic means an increase in customers.

Increased sales

So far, you have seen that SEO would lead to increased traffic to your web pages. Increased traffic would increase the chances of acquiring new customers. New customers, on the other hand, will lead to an increase in sales. SEO would increase your business’s sales.

Beat competitors

When your sales have increased, you are only a step away from beating your competitors. Most customers will buy your products or service and this will lead to your business being at the top to beat any competition you may be having.

24-hour marketing team

When at the end of the day you lock up your office, your SEO website remains at work. It puts the company out there and still markets it when working hours are over.

As a smart business person who wants to be competitive in the field, SEO is one of the most important marketing tools you should consider. Seeing that the benefits are a lot and the results are impressive, applying it would only bring good tidings to the business.

Before the internet was invented, small businesses had only a few ways of marketing their products cheaply. Some of the methods used to market their products included printing out fliers or sponsoring local events with an aim of gaining more customers. However, these methods were expensive, time consuming and did not yield better results.
The internet introduced all kinds of opportunities for small businesses that were much cheaper and saved a lot of time for many businesses. Below are some of the best ways to promote a business online without wasting too much time and resources.


This is the first step for any business that intends to thrive on the internet. A website holds all crucial information about a business and the services offered. At a glance, a customer should be able to gather all necessary information about a business without having to contact the owner.

Marketing Picture

All business contacts are well embedded in the website so that any person with queries can contact the business owner for clarification. Important business contacts should include a permanent phone number, email address, fax (if available), P.O BOX number and links to social media platform such as Facebook and Twitter.
Short video clips can also be included in the website to offer some sort of proof about the existence of the business.


Some major advantages of social Media are that they are free, easy to use (no professional knowledge required) and they offer a massive network of potential customers. The only challenge with the social media is increasing followers without wasting time on people who are not interested with what a business is selling.
Some of the best social media sites that can reach potential customers include facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest among others. The goal of using social media is to provide your followers with up to date services as well as offering them a place where they can place their complaints.

It is advisable to constantly interact with the audience so as to gather as much information from them about your product.


Using a blog post for your business can be a great way to connect with customers or strengthen your brand which will ultimately add value to the business. A business blog is a cost-effective and easy way to promote any form of business. If done right, a blog can drive traffic to your website hence increasing your sales.
Blogs also offer an inexpensive and relatively simple means for you to gain visibility for your business. The blog keeps your website presence fresh and customers can access the website anytime they visit your blog. It is important to constantly interact with customers through the blog as this can be the only sure way of answering those frequently asked questions (FAQs) as well as listening to new ideas from customers and other business partners.

Always give the readers valuable contents as this is what will drive them to your website and social media sites.


Online marketing should be embraced by all businesses as it is a very cheap means of advertising and reaching new and old customers.